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What are the Best Things Ever Grackled? 11/24/2015

Ten years ago, a recent college graduate with trailing clouds of liberal arts glory still fading behind him decided to make and sell a print literary magazine. Who knows what was going through his mind or why he ignored everyone who told him this was a bad, impractical way to spend his time. But now Grub Street Grackle has produced eighteen issues and is ready to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in a big way.

Over the past few months, we've been posting some of our favorites from the first ten years, many of which have never appeared online. (Many more never will, as we often publish work whose meaning depends on its appearing in print.)

But that's only a prelude; a small selection from these favorites will be featured on our Tenth Anniversary Audio Collection. We want you to help us decide what to use. Whichever pieces get the strongest response will probably be used for the recording (pending approval from the authors).

You know what to do: like and share, fave and retweet, reblog, whatever buttons you customarily press when the internet gods chatter fervidly in your ears, do it for these stories, please!

Mouse over the images below for quotes, and click to read the full piece.