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Grub Street Grackle is a print literary magazine which you can put on your bookshelf or roll up and use to discipline your dog. Since 2005, we have sought to publish nothing but cunning, readable prose; rich, memorable verse; and perhaps most critically, something that will make you laugh. (May our few failures fade into the gloom of the sub-sub-librarian's lamp.)

Each issue features residents of Dallas County, as well as international contributions. The magazine is distributed online and in local bookstores in Irving and Dallas. The Grackle has sponsored many literary events over the years, often featuring contributors to the magazine and engaging an enthusiastic local readership. The eighteenth issue was released in March 2015, with funds from the Grackle’s second successful Kickstarter campaign, and the nineteenth is currently under development.


The Grackle is a publication of Imagine Dallas Literary Arts, a non-profit publishing literary writing and providing free educational poetry programs to students and the general public in Dallas County.

Poetry should be part of the everyday life of all people. Imagine Dallas is incorporated to cultivate an appreciative, discerning, mainstream audience for literary writing, especially poetry, in the Dallas area. We imagine a future in which the name “Dallas” is synonymous with poetry.


Editor-in-Chief: Amos J. Hunt

Ink illustrations on this website produced by Eva Carriere and Serena Howe.