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The Grackle and You

Imagine a wide chasm, sundering the desolate landscape as far as the eye can see. Over here on this side, you stand, wishing (as you often do) that you had a new and distinctive literary experience to enjoy. Over there, in the distance across the chasm, a miraculous mass of materials swirls around the air in an imaginative frenzy: ...


What are the Best Things Ever Grackled? 11/24/2015

Ten years ago, a recent college graduate with trailing clouds of liberal arts glory still fading behind him decided to make and sell a print literary magazine. Who knows what was going through his mind or why he ignored everyone who told him this was a bad, impractical way to spend his time. But now Grub Street Grackle has produced ...


Spring 2015 Is Now 04/14/2015

Spring 2015 "Poets on Poetry" Issue ($9) Seven poems, seven invitations to a richer vocabulary of


Poetry Giveaway 10/01/2014

Update: Scroll down for videos contributed by raffle entrants Win one from a nice big stack of poetry books, including some classics and some contemporaries from my area. The prizes have been supplied by my patrons at Patreon, by The Wild Detectives bookstore in Oak Cliff, by the authors themselves listed below, and by ...