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Thank you for joining the Grub Street Grackle Content Delivery System. You now have the duty, nay, the distinct privilege, to print out copies of the Grub Street Grackle Poetry Stimulus in your own home and deliver them:

  • openly or covertly to your friends and neighbors
  • by leaving them conspicuously in grocery shopping carts
  • as messages in bottles, left to the embrace of the sea and the hands of fate.

Just select an edition of the poetry stimulus below, print it, fold it, and deliver it according to your ability and preference. See instructions below.

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All Editions of the Grub Street Grackle Poetry Stimulus

2021-01-18: “Palmetto Moon” by Monet Patrice Thomas.

2020-11-27: “This River, This Stone” by Karen Shepherd.

The Grackle is committed to the health and safety of all its fans, including longtime readers, new converts to our cult content delivery system, disaffected former friends, and people who have never heard of us, yet.

As COVID-19 continues to constrain our daily lives, we recognize that many readers will prefer to receive a contactless delivery of their copy of the Poetry Stimulus.

Making a Contactless Delivery

Step 1:

Print out the latest installment of the Grub Street Grackle Poetry Stimulus.

Step 2:

Fold into thirds, with the large, ruffled feather in front, and the seven-dollar bill in back.

Step 3:

Apply to your target’s friend’s or neighbor’s door, using a piece of tape, a rubber band, or your preferred removable adhesive.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 as many times as you have friends and neighbors.

Boom. You did it. You have made the world a slightly more lovely place. You are a Gracklist now.