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Winter 2016

Our next issue will feature new work by essayist A. Kendra Greene, poets Nadia Wolnisty and Therese Eby, and twelve other authors, many of whom are new contributors to the Grackle this year. For the first time, we are printing a selection of finely crafted tweets.

There is no standing budget for production of the Grackle. We absolutely depend on the enthusiastic generosity of our devoted readers to make publication possible. In the past, we have funded publication of new issues with Kickstarter campaigns. This year, we have turned to the Patreon crowd-funding platform in hopes of securing continuous support. You can become a patron by pledging to contribute an amount of your choosing to fund each issue.

Sponsors at the level of $8/issue or higher will receive a copy of each issue in the mail before the official release. Becoming a patron is the only way to pre-order Winter 2016.



Spring 2015 Edition: Poets on Poetry

Seven poems, seven invitations to a richer vocabulary of experience.

Years ago, we printed a little collection of poems which many readers still consider the best issue of the Grackle. In that edition, each poet contributed an illuminating commentary on one of the other poems.

In this issue, we've brought back this "Poets on Poetry" format, with new poems from seven poets. Long time readers will recognize the names of Monika Cooper, Adam Cooper, and Therese Eby, and famed anti-poet R. Shunk. The other four contributors appearing for their first time in Grub Street Grackle: Atar Hadari, Cara Valle, Tara Seguin, and Daniel A. Nicholls.



Fall 2013 Limited Edition Issue

Get your copy today. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

This issue is a limited run of 400 copies, signed and serialized by Amos J. Hunt. The cover was hand printed on an antique letterpress in New Orleans, and the centerfold message-in-a-bottle piece was manually aged and distressed. The issue features poetry by longtime Grackle contributors Monika Cooper, Ben LaVergne, Amos J. Hunt, and Sarah Breisch, and introduces the poetry of Therese Eby. Daniel Hunter Arioli supplied a top notch installment of Misinformation Dissemination, and we secured an exclusive interview with the mysterious and horrible Rictor Jomes.