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Printed matter

  • Fiction containing all or most of the following characteristics:
    • Adventuresome action
    • Reflection treated as action
    • Ironic treatment of hackneyed tropes
    • Earnest treatment of irony
  • Poetry containing all or most of the following characteristics :
    • Discernible but lightly executed prosody
    • Dramatic voice
    • Image-driven
    • Cogency
    • Satire
    • Frivolous
    • Apolitical (i.e. not engaged in the “sport of politics”)
    • Political

Please see our expanded guidelines before submitting poetry.

  • Reviews
  • Something unprecedented


Web content

  • Tweetable poetry (under 140 characters, no line breaks)
  • Blog posts
  • Brief reviews of contemporary books, short stories, TV episodes. (These don’t have to be extremely current, anything in the last two or three years would be fair game.)
  • Lively commentary on classic fiction, poetry, film, music. Careful analysis and research is encouraged but should not be overtly exhibited in the finished product.
  • Responses to reviews and commentary elsewhere on the web
  • Anecdotes touching on Grub Street Grackle's themes

Does Grub Street Grackle pay contributors?

Yes, for printed matter we can pay a little, upon acceptance: somewhere between $20 and $50 for most contributions. For web content, the answer is “maybe.”

How does one submit?

Wait. We will announce a new call for submissions very soon.